Weekly Wrap-Up

Hi crew! It’s the last weekend of June and Pride Month, we hope you had a very special one. We had a few leaks and hints this week in the Our Flag Means Death fandom – let’s walk you through it!

June 18

OFMD Post-Production Supervisor Nicky Spencer marked their job as being done on LinkedIn! We can hopefully assume that post-production is finally done!? That would mean that all that’s left is to possibly hire a firm to create a trailer…

June 19

We wished all the Black folx in the OFMD fandom a very happy Juneteenth, and invited them to comment on our post so fans could support them – go check them out! (Alex did!)

Amazon Prime posted a new video for Pride – and Ed appears at 0:13! Some were confused by OFMD appearing in an Amazon video, but it appears that Max is a partner of Amazon’s, and you can subscribe to Max via Prime.

June 20

Samson celebrated a birthday!

June 21

Well, the summer equinox came and went, and fan’s “summer” theory didn’t lead to a trailer that day. Oh well – maybe “summer” generally??

Momentus announced another class with OFMD cast – this time sword-fighting lessons with Vico! Some may remember, Vico mentioned in an interview that they are an internationally-ranked fencing champion, so this class is probably going to be a-mazing. They also have some merch on sale in connection with their event!

June 22

David Jenkins gave us some S2 crumbs…!

⚠️ S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Check out the very last photo in this post…

There’s some good discussion here on Twitter as to what that might be! (The user very kindly marked the images as “sensitive,” so it can’t be embedded here.)

June 23

Actor Sagan Chen posted an Instagram story about a Max ad in New York City – featuring Vico! We absolutely love this for Vico, but we’re also excited Max is advertising OFMD to the general public in such a big way.

Max Nordic also gave a shoutout to OFMD for Midsummer:

Then OFMD Twitter exploded with a leak of Taika on set…

⚠️ Slight S2 Spoilers ⚠️

Rita posted a reel to Instagram that inexplicably contained a couple seconds of Taika in full costume on the set of S2?? We’re not really sure what he’s doing in the video, but we’re very grateful to Rita.

Here’s a photo of the clip:

Taika driving a golf cart in Ed costume, with pearl necklace.

There was tons of great discussion on Twitter:

June 25

And to round out the week, we got a nice shoutout from (HBO) Max’s gay account!

Other Stuff This Week:

  • June 18: Con wished everyone a Happy Father’s Day with a t-shirt that has become famous in the fandom.
  • June 18: Christopher Corbin (“We could’ve made magic!”) attended “Izzy’s Big Hard Quizzy,” a fan-run trivia event.
  • June 18: Nick Kroll attended and made a short comment about the WGA strike.
  • June 19: Fan favorite SMAU “Piña Coladas” turned one!
  • June 19: Kristen Johnston held an auction of a custom Widow Higgins Funko Pop and a striped OFMD S1 crew shirt for charity. The winner was announced a few days later – congrats to them!
  • June 20: The OFMD account covering and helping with the WGA strike now has a PayPal for anyone who wants to support, but doesn’t have the spoons or time to coordinate individual DoorDash (or etc.) deliveries!
  • June 20: Alex thanked fans again for showing up the week prior to the WGA strike.
  • June 20: For those attending Florida Supercon, Kristian will be DJing Friday night!
  • June 21: Taika was honored by ET Canada for Canada’s Indigenous People’s Month.
  • June 21: If you want to get involved in a fandom wide (secret!) project, check out here!
  • June 22: Florida Supercon is giving away photo ops with the OFMD cast (ends June 27)!
  • June 22: The Izzy Canyon Meetup is officially on Florida Supercon’s schedule!
  • June 22: Out Magazine listed OFMD as one of the top Max shows!
  • June 23: Fans in California hosted a drag show “Acts of Grace.”
  • June 23: Fan-run Our Con Means Death has sold over 50% of tickets. Get yours now (in-person Bristol, UK tickets as well as virtual tickets available)!

That’s it for the week! Lots to think about, certainly, and it’s nice to see Max accounts still posting… Let’s see what July brings! Until then, be excellent to each other.